ArenaCo is an augmented reality company. We are creating an entirely new medium - an interactive layer - that enables group play at the world's most prominent sporting venues. 

If static ads can generate $100 million per year*, imagine the potential for interactive ads, in-venue, that provide 3D engagement and real-time rewards.  

(*This figure represents the NBA only) 


The games people play, in-stadium, are in dire need of innovation. Currently, we participate in "dot races," where you pick one of three colored "dots" you believe will win a race around an animated track. Or, two people are selected to shoot baskets for 60 seconds and one person wins a $100 gift certificate.  

 < "Dot Race" video at Texas Rangers game

I think a lot of people playing games on cellphones aren’t people that consider themselves gamers. They’re just regular folks that happen to have a smartphone and happen to find that they have access to all these great games. They naturally gravitate towards the games that are easier and simpler to understand.
— Keith Shepherd, CoFounder, Imangi Studios


Sports venues represent an incredible opportunity for crowd participation and camaraderie. It’s an area ripe for innovation and a gateway to consumer interest and utility. The notion of 20,000 fans in one place means a competitive spirit and collective enthusiasm for sport. Equally important, this means there are 20,000 smartphones in one place, a collective opportunity currently at rest.

Our company is ArenaCo. We develop unique IP/augmented reality to make sporting events more fun, allowing fans to participate in new ways and be rewarded for their efforts in real-time. Our focus is not gaming, per se, but rather "participation."

Our target is broad, people 18-64, from all walks of life. Our potential clients are the world’s major sports associations (NBA, NHL, UEFA, FIFA, etc.)  as well as its largest advertisers, the Fortune 500.