Short-rolling is an abbreviated form of communication, a 60-second video made with purpose and consideration. Make minutes better.

Short-form visual content has become the dominant form of expression. 

Instagram, Vine, and YouTube are the key players. But while Instagram serves to share an "in-the-now" experience, and Vine has become a creative medium, there's nothing in between the short-forms of Instagram & Vine, and YouTube. We believe there's room in the middle, an opportunity to champion one-minute content and create a new platform that brings creativity and customization to the masses. We call it Short-Rolling

So what problem are we solving?

It's not so much a problem we're solving as it is an opportunity we are creating. Never before have limits been so welcomed. Our premise is that limits foster creativity and inherently challenge the public to achieve something (see article below). We're all told the keys to being a better writer are to be shorter, to be thoughtful and succinct in our expression. But the world is moving away from words - it's transitioning to video. Editing is fine for pen & paper, but the notion of working in iMovie or Final Cut Pro alienates 90% of the general public. So let's help make video shorter, customizable, better, without asking the masses to edit anythingLet's be the service that makes one-minute the standard for expression. In doing so, we'll make the world a more efficient place.

 Fast Company, March 2014, The 50 Most Innovative Companies

Fast Company, March 2014, The 50 Most Innovative Companies

How might Short-Rolling be used?

College Admissions (Replaces or complements the essay component)

LinkedIn content (Learn about a person in 60 seconds, as opposed to scrolling through their page)

News correspondence (Anyone can now edit their own news clips, thus creating their own news channel)

Celebrities can make their own short-rolls to respond to articles, the public, or to support causes

Introduces the "video profile" as opposed to merely an image or link. Teens will define themselves by it

How-to videos will be more efficient than ever. 

Short-rolling can serve as a video diary. You'll have the option to store every short-roll you make throughout your life, so you'll be able to go back and see snapshots of what was important to you at specific periods of time. 

Advertising - it's likely that short-rolls, given their convenient duration of 60 seconds, will become the most popular form of user-generated content, because brands may buy them outright and use them as commercials. Short-rolls could become the basis for all advertising.

Musicians will have a new outlet; we can disrupt the traditional length of songs. Imagine Pharrell Williams putting out an album of short-rollers; 10 songs, one-minute each, so an album that's 10 minutes long. 

Short-Rolling Festivals, short-rolling segments on CNN,  challenges or contests related to thousands of brands and incentives - help us think of new ideas.

What's your short-roll? (What do you stand for? What are you about? What's important to you?)

Rough product options:

1. DESKTOP/COMPILATION - Drag and drop content (or source code) to one place and it's automatically short-rolled (reduced to one 60-second video)

2. MOBILE/RECORDER - We'll have a record option that lets people simply tap once to make a :60 recording (stops automatically)


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